5% of Endesa’s employees have electric cars thanks to second Sustainable Mobility Plan

Published on Friday, 1 April 2016

Endesa has launched the second edition of its mobility plan for employees, called “Using our Energy to Build the Future” to help another 300 company workers buy electric vehicles for private use. The company’s first plan, which began in June of last year and ended in November, enabled 158 employees to purchase an electric vehicle, which represents 10% of total private electric vehicle sales in the Spanish market. Replacing combustion-engine vehicles with these 158 electric vehicles will prevent the emission of 300Tn of CO2 into the atmosphere. Enesa is committed to the electrification of demand as a way of complying with the objectives of the Paris Agreement on climate change; electric mobility is one of the mainstays of this strategy.

Benefits for employees 

This second edition of the sustainable mobility plan again includes agreements with different electric vehicle manufacturers, although employees can choose the model. The new plan is even more ambitious than the previous one and only focuses on pure electric vehicles. The company will once again provide assistance to install domestic charging points and spaces for electric vehicles will be reserved at its corporate offices. Participants can again benefit from one of Endesa’s incentives by collaborating in the plan and will also still have the support of the project office created last year to handle all the requests. 

The plan also includes the installation of charging infrastructure at the company's main offices for use by employees. Specifically, 40 semi-fast charging points so that, if needed, vehicles can be charged during working hours. In addition, the headquarters in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville are equipped with fast charging points, which charge batteries to 80% capacity in less than 20 minutes. 

An electrified fleet

As part of the same strategic framework, Endesa aims to electrify 80% of its operating fleet by 2020, which means, together with the mobility plan for employees, the company could reach the figure of 3,000 electric vehicles.

Since 2010, Endesa has replaced over 30% of its short-haul fuel vehicles with electric and hybrid vehicles as part of its fleet renewal plan. The company has multiplied the number of pure electric vehicles in the fleet fourfold over the last six years, and plans to incorporate another 32 from now to the end of the year, ending the year with 86 pure electric vehicles. 

Since 2008, Endesa also has the largest fleet of hybrid vehicles in Spain for its sales network: 406. With this initiative alone, the company has managed to prevent the emission into the atmosphere of the equivalent absorption capacity of 28,800 trees: Each vehicle with these characteristics emits one tonne of CO2 less a year than a vehicle with a diesel engine. 

Safe, sustainable and electrified mobility

Safe, sustainable and electrified mobility is a key part of combatting climate change. Endesa has firmly committed to it through its 2014-2016 Safe and Sustainable Mobility Plan. 80% of this plan had been completed by the end of 2015, including 21 measures aimed at its employees, fleets, suppliers and customers, slashing the need to travel (teleworking), encouraging the use of alternative modes of transport to the private vehicle (car sharing, travel cards), and if private vehicles are absolutely necessary, boosting uptake of electric vehicles among employees, fleets, suppliers and customers and rolling out measures to promote efficiency and safe driving.