Endesa lights up Lisbon

Published on Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Endesa has been awarded the energy supply contract by the Lisbon City Council. This contract, which is valid for one year, includes the supply of energy for street lighting, traffic lights and billboards.

This contract awarded to Endesa is worth approximately 8 million euros and will save the city around 500,000 euros on its electricity bills. This saving is possible thanks to the drop in prices with regard to the regulated market. Lisbon is the most populated city in Portugal, with 550,000 inhabitants in an area covering 100 km2, making it the largest urban area in Portugal. 

This contract award enables Endesa to add yet another important client to its portfolio, thanks to the company’s competitive positioning and sales strategy.  

ENDESA has been operating in the Portuguese deregulated market since May 2002 and remains the second largest operator in the Portuguese deregulated electricity market, with an average share of around 18%. In 2015, Endesa supplied over 7,500 GWh, with a 7.5% increase and has over 174,000 customers in the Portuguese electricity market. 

Endesa also started selling gas to the Portuguese domestic market last August, supplying over 6,000 customers in less than seven months. This increased presence in Portugual,  is one of the priorities of the Endesa’s Strategic Plan.