40 of the world’s leading big data experts will compete to find the most innovative services for customers

Published on Monday, 8 February 2016

This weekend Endesa announced the 40 selected proposals that are going through to the next round of the Endesa Datathon, the competition that seeks to develop new and innovative commercial proposals based on the analysis of millions of simulated consumption data taken from the new hourly readings. The winners were announced during the event held on Google’s Campus Madrid, with a number of experts in the fields of technology, innovation and big data also taking part. 

The deadline for entering the competition was the end  of last year and over 600 proposals were submitted from 20 different countries (Spain, India, US, Italy, Vietnam, etc.). During last Saturday's event, 70 completed the definitive process and of these, 40 were selected to go through to the next round. Those selected have three months to further develop their ideas and the three finalists will be announced at the beginning of June. 

The aims of the proposals received in the competition, among others, are customer characterisation; customers’ behaviour prediction; offering new products and services; or mechanisms  to help customers  in making decisions. After the panel of judges scored the proposals, 51% of the projects assessed obtained a score equivalent to, or above, 7/10. 73% are Spanish and 27% from other countries (United States, France, Italy, Uruguay, Chile, India, Australia and Mexico).

Endesa Datathon is a pioneering innovation competition in the Spanish energy industry aimed at promoting the development of applications, business models or any other proposals that add value to Endesa's customers and that are aimed at the Spanish electricity market. Participants will have access to a set of simulated data that will be generated according to the consumption patterns of millions of data obtained by the new electricity hourly readings and participants will be provided with advanced analysis tools. 

This is the second challenge put forward on Endesa’s new collaboration platform, Endesa Energy Challenges, launched as part of its open innovation model and designed to pursue energy efficient products and services in collaboration with entrepreneurs. The development of a new sustainable model needs to provide specific solutions for customers' most immediate requirements; enhancing and improving consumers’ everyday lives because, throughout this entire process, consumers are becoming increasingly action-oriented with the capacity to decide.  

The aim is to challenge the most brilliant minds while searching for solutions in the energy world that enable the current model to be transformed and anyone wishing to take part can register to receive more information about Endesa's challenges and these will be publicised on the www.endesaenergychallenges.com website.