Endesa creates a new group of personalised customer care

Published on Friday, 15 January 2016

Endesa has created a specialist  unit to personally manage all cases  where customers are not satisfied with the solution offered via customer service  helplines. The aim of this work group, made up of 15 customer service professionals, is to improve the quality of the service offered by these channels and at the same time to reduce the number of calls received that end up as complaints.

In order to access this specialist team, customers that call  customer services with a query will receive an SMS to confirm that their query was adequately resolved and are asked for their opinion of the service provided and the solution obtained. The customer accesses a personalised survey via a link, through which  they can express their opinion. If the customer is dissatisfied, a detailed analysis of the case would be carried out to see if it should be  passed on to the new group offering personalised customer attention.

From then on, the  complaint is dealt with in a personalised way, until the incident is closed. The team of experts are equipped with latest technologies designed to help them communicate more fluently with customers and to speed up the  key information for resolving the situation.

Last April Endesa activated this service by contacting approximately one million people to determine their degree of satisfaction with services received via customer service telephone helplines. 14,000 negative experiences were received via these contacts, which were addressed by Endesa's specialist unit. Most of the reasons for customerdissatisfaction are related to invoicing and fault issues (18%) and contract management (16%). After the new group addressed the incidents, 69% of the cases received were effectively resolved, increasing customer satisfaction by 300%.

If cases are not resolved in a satisfactory manner for customers, the company offers them the possibility of contacting Endesa’s Customer Ombudsman, an independent entity created in 2002 to mediate between customers and the company. 

Endesa is the only company in the sector to offer this service, the aim of which is to address and resolve consumer complaints which have not been resolved beforehand through the company’s customer service channels or when the customers are not satisfied with the response received.