Eight of the world's brightest young minds work with Endesa on creating new ideas and services for its customers

Published on Thursday, 21 January 2016

Endesa continues to press forward with its open innovation model and it has joined Pangea's Team A project, the world’s largest young talent platform, which Endesa has previously collaborated with. Team A is a programme aimed at generating innovative proposals to address Endesa’s current and future challenges, made up of a team of 8 world-renowned young talents within the energy and digital sectors, who will spend three months working on two important challenges: 

  • Generating new proposals to increase digital interaction with customers and provide a better service.
  • New value-added solutions for Endesa's customers in the energy model of the future.


All the members of Team A have something in common: They not only have unquestionable intellectual competencies, they are also prepared to address questions that require reflexive and creative reasoning and strategic thinking. And, above all, they are deeply motivated by the desire to innovate in a collaborative manner, thus contributing towards the search for solutions within leading companies such as Endesa, where they are offered the chance to add value and also learn.  

Endesa’s Team A will be made up of Param Jaggi or Johnny Cohen, two young stars included in the Forbes “30 under 30” list; Marieta Caballero or Alejandro Carderera, the two Spanish representatives on the list; Rahul Puniani, Sofya Abramchuk, Eric W. Beyduoun and Arthur Gopak, complete the team. All the participants taking part in the programme have trained in the field of technologies and energy. (CVs available: here).

After an initial immersion into Endesa, getting in-depth knowledge about the company, the 8 participants will be working on carrying out new proposals, with the full support of the teams within Endesa. The aim is to select at least two innovative projects that can be implemented.

Open innovation model

Endesa wants to use Team A in order to benefit from the fresh thinking and new approaches of this Millennial generation to move ahead with the proposals of what will be (and are already becoming) the customers of the future. Team A is part of the company's open innovation model, fully supporting entrepreneurship, which has enabled the company to collaborate with universities, suppliers, research agencies, entrepreneurs and Public Administrations for a number of years now. 

An example of this is the recent launch of the Endesa Energy Challenges platform which, together with the launch of the first energy datathon and hackathon, has made Endesa a pioneering company in these types of initiatives in the Spanish and European sector.  These form part of other initiatives launched by Endesa to support entrepreneurship in Spain, such as endesa2244 (www.endesa2244.com), a permanently open door to entrepreneurs so they can present their projects and ideas to Endesa via a brief questionnaire (2244 characters); or the European accelerator INCENSe (www.incense-accelerator.com), which is part of the FIWARE Accelerate (www.fiware.org) programme of the European Commission, which closed it second tender on 30 September. INCENSe, which will provide up to 150,000 euros and acceleration services for each of the 42 selected European start-ups, is a project co-funded by the European Commission in which Endesa will be joined by other partners such as ENEL (Endesa’s parent company) the Danish accelerator ACCELERACE, the main accelerator in northern Europe and FundingBox Accelerator, the first and largest global public funding platform for start-ups and researchers.


This is the first global platform that seeks to awaken, promote and connect with the enormous and diverse talent of today's young generation. The aim of this platform to boost an unprecedented and unlimited movement that will mark a before and after in the way in which young people perceive their ability to have a real impact and the fundamental role they play in the challenging transformation of the world. Its vision is to unleash the enormous and yet unrealised potential of the young generation.