Endesa challenges big data experts to seek innovative commercial ideas

Published on Monday, 2 November 2015

Endesa is now accepting applications for the Endesa Datathon competition. Aimed at big data experts, this innovation competition seeks to develop new commercial proposals based on the millions of simulated consumption data obtained from the new hourly readings. 

Since October 1st of this year, customers with smart meters installed are being billed according to their hourly consumption and the price established at that time by the wholesale electricity market.  In Endesa’s case, approximately 120 million data are being processed every day.

Experts wishing to take part in the challenge will have to register on the Endesa Energy Challenges, website, the new collaborative platform launched by Endesa at the beginning of October with the aim of finding energy efficient products and services in collaboration with entrepreneurs. The initiative forms part of Endesa’s open innovation model and it is designed to develop solutions that enable the current energy model to be transformed.

The development of a new sustainable model needs to provide specific solutions for customers' most immediate requirements; enhancing and improving consumer’s everyday lives because, throughout this entire process, consumers are becoming increasingly action-oriented with the capacity to decide.

Endesa Datathon is a pioneering innovation competition in the Spanish energy industry aimed at promoting the development of applications, business models or any other proposals that add value to Endesa's customers and that are aimed at the Spanish electricity market. Participants will have access to a set of simulated data that will be generated according to the consumption patterns of millions of data obtained by the new electricity hourly readings and participants will be provided with advanced analysis tools.

The deadline for receiving proposals begins today and ends on December 31st.  The 50 best proposals will be chosen at the beginning of February and work will be carried out on these during the next three months as part of the second phase. During this period, at least two meetings will be held in collaboration with Google Campus Madrid in which additional information will be provided to those taking part and the event will include important guests in the field of big data.  Three winners will be selected in May and the prizes will be awarded in June.

Endesa Hackathon

Another Endesa challenge is currently underway via the new collaborative platform, Endesa Energy Challenges: Endesa Hackathon, launched on October 15th of this year for programmers, entrepreneurs and designers to compete over two gruelling days to develop innovative solutions that enable different customer profiles to optimise their energy consumption.

The registration deadline for the first Endesa Hackathon ends on November 15th and the selected participants will be communicated on November 23rd.  The participants selected will then compete over two days (November 27th and 28th). The winning team will win a cash prize of €6,000; the second prize is  €3,000 and the third prize is €1,000.