Endesa launches a collaborative platform to search for energy efficient products and solutions

Published on Monday, 5 October 2015

Endesa has launched Endesa Energy Challenges, a new collaborative platform to search, together with entrepreneurs, for efficient energy products and services. 

Endesa Energy Challenges shall be operational from 7 October through the website: www.endesaenergychallenges.com. It aims to challenge the most brilliant minds to seek solutions in the energy world, which enable transforming the current model.

Development of a new sustainable model must give specific responses to the customer’s most relevant needs, so that it improves and facilitates their daily life because, in this process of change, the consumers have increasing action and decision-making capacity.

Everyone who wants to take part can register to receive more information on the challenges that Endesa will tackle. The first two shall be: Endesa Datathon and Endesa Hackathon.

Endesa Hackathon

Hackathon arises from Endesa’s commitment to innovative talent, involving programmes, entrepreneurs and creative talents who compete during two marathon days to develop innovative solutions that allow the different customer profiles to optimize their energy use.

The Endesa Hackathon call is launched on 15 October, through the Endesa Energy Challenges platform. From this day, the reception process will commence and the 40 participants will be chosen who will later compete in Madrid on 27 and 28 November.

This, Endesa’s first Hackathon, will have the presence of international experts who will coordinate the work following the latest innovation methodologies, such as Design Thinking, thus helping the customer to become the centre of the solutions offered by the most innovative minds.

Design Thinking is a discipline of innovation to match the needs of people with what is technologically feasible and what a viable business strategy can make valuable for the customer and an opportunity for the market.

Endesa Datathon

Endesa Datathon is a pioneering innovation competition in the energy sector, aimed at encouraging the development of applications, business models or any other proposal that provides value to Endesa customers and is oriented to the Spanish electricity market. These proposals will be based on the analysis of the millions of anonymous user data from new hourly readings

For this purpose, it will offer the interested parties, in an added and anonymous fashion, a sample of the millions of data obtained by the new hourly electricity consumption readings and it will provide the participants with advanced analysis tools.

  1. Registry
  2. Access
  3. Dataset Platform
  4. Analysis
  5. Proposal


The period for receiving proposals starts on 2 November lasting until the end of the year. Up to the best 50 shall be chosen from all those received at the start of February and these will then be worked on in a second phase during the following three months. During this time, at least two encounters shall take place in collaboration with Google Campus Madrid, where additional information shall be given to the competitors and there will be relevant guests from the big data area.  In May, the three winners will be chosen and the award ceremony will be held in June.


  • Launch 7 October 2015
  • Phase 1- reception of proposals 1 Nov-31 Dec 2015
  • Selection of 50 best proposals: 31 Jan 2016
  • Phase II: 1 Feb 2016
  • Evaluation: May 2016
  • Award ceremony: June 2016


South Summit

The Endesa Energy Challenges platform and this first challenge, Datathon, shall be presented in the 4th edition of Spain Start Up: The South Summit, Southern Europe’s largest entrepreneurial trade fair, which shall take place between 7 and 9 October in the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid. Endesa takes part as global partner for the third consecutive year.

In this third edition, the company will again have a stand in the area called market place, where all the other participants will gather. Here is it possible to get to know first-hand the details of the Endesa Energy Challenges platform and of the first two challenges. Endesa will make a presentation to Summit’s public of these new initiatives on Thursday 8 October at 4:00 pm on the Innovation Stage.

Support to entrepreneurs

Endesa Energy Challenges joins other initiatives that Endesa has already launched to support entrepreneurship in our country, such as endesa2244, a permanently open door to entrepreneurs to enable them to present to Endesa their projects and ideas through a brief questionnaire (2244 characters); or the European accelerator INCENSe (www.incense-accelerator.com) belonging to the FIWARE Accelerate programme (www.fiware.org) of the European Commission, which closed its second call on 30 September.

INCENSe, which will deliver up to 150,000 euros and acceleration services to each of the 42 selected European startups, is a project co-funded by the European Commission in which, together with Endesa, other partners take part such as ENEL (Endesa’s parent company), the Danish accelerator ACCELERACE, main accelerator of northern Europe, and FundingBox Accelerator, the first and largest global platform of public funding for startups and researchers.