14% of the electric cars sold in Spain in 2015 were bought by Endesa employees

Published on Monday, 19 October 2015

14% of the electric cars sold in Spain this year (more than 2.6% of the market for plug-in hybrids) and 24% of those sold in the last four months are in the hands of Endesa employees. Thanks to the sustainable mobility plan launched by the company on 1 June, 120 of the company’s workers are already personally enjoying electric mobility and another 83 have formally signed up for the plan and are waiting for their purchase to be finalised. These figures could mean a reduction in CO2 emissions of more than 400 tonnes per year.

With this initiative the company wants to involve its employees in a firm commitment to the electrification of demand as the most sustainable energy source; a commitment that has electric mobility as one of its main pillars.

Endesa’s objective is the total electrification of its operating fleet by 2020, as well as continuing to promote electrical mobility for private transport amongst its employees, which would translate into the daily use of some 3,000 electric vehicles in the company.

Advantages for the employees

The sustainable mobility plan includes agreements with different electric car manufacturers (BMW, Nissan, Renault, KIA, Mitsubishi and Audi) and facilities for the installation of domestic charging points. Loans were also made available at special rates to help with the initial outlay and as an incentive from Endesa for the collaboration of its employees and their electric vehicles. The company also offers reserved parking places at their headquarters and it has opened a project office to deal with the applications.

An electric fleet

As part of the company’s fleet renewal plan, since 2010 it has replaced more than 30% of its conventional fleet vehicles for travelling short distances with electric vehicles. The characteristics of its short distance fleet make it the segment that best fits with this technology. Endesa currently has 36 electric vehicles in its fleet and, since 2008, its sales network has had the largest fleet of hybrid vehicles in Spain with 406 vehicles. Just with this initiative alone the company has managed to prevent the emission to the atmosphere of the equivalent absorption capacity of 28,800 trees: each vehicle of this type emits a tonne of CO2 less a year than a diesel engine car.