Endesa launches the sector’s first centralised telemarketing centre

Published on Thursday, 24 September 2015

Endesa has today opened in Seville the sector’s first Telemarketing Operations Centre. It is an innovative control centre that, for the first time, centralises telemarketing activity to achieve greater efficiency. It is estimated that the new centre could improve operational efficiency by 30%. Along with its implementation, Endesa certifies each contract that is registered through an independent entity (500,000 contracts were managed last year), which guarantees the quality of the service offered.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas, and Endesa’s Chief Marketing Officer, Javier Uriarte, among others.

The centralisation of the services in Endesa’s Telemarketing Operations Centre will allow a more effective management, which will improve the quality of customer interactions. The system ensures that a call is assigned to the best operator for the specific product of interest, which will facilitate contact between the customer and the company. Furthermore, supervision of the contacts made will be improved as they are now unified (more than 2.5 million customers contacted in the last year).

The more than 500 telephone advisers will have the specialised training needed to offer personalised products that fit the needs of each customer. They will also have a unique system that monitors the best customer experience in the sales process, which can then be immediately passed on to the other operators.

Endesa’s commitment to improving the quality of the service it offers its customers was recently recognised with the awarding for the fourth consecutive year of the Aenor N Mark Service Charter Certification. This recognises the commitment to quality of the company’s direct and telephone sales channels. In addition, last June Endesa received the Platinum Contact Centre Award for the best resources optimisation solution in the utilities sector.