Endesas S3E cutting edge technology showroom attracts 1000 visitors

Published on Thursday, 20 August 2015

In little over two months, Endesa's SE3 cutting edge technology showroom located in the company's central offices in Madrid has attracted over 1,000 visitors, and as many if not more enquiries related to integral solutions and electric vehicles.

SE3 is a permanent showroom for Endesa products and services and a thematic exhibition focussing on efficiency and sustainability. The subject of the first thematic exhibition is e-mobility. In addition to scooters, electric bicycles and Segways, a space was set aside in the atrium to showcase electric cars from different manufacturers. Visitors were invited to enjoy their visit to the full by test-driving the different electric vehicles on show. Around 150 people tried out an electric bicycle, and since the end of July over 30 have tried a Segway. Visitors to the stand were offered discounts ranging from 3% on electric scooters, up to €400 off electric bicycles and over €400 discount on Segways.  

In addition to getting a first-hand look at electric cars from various manufacturers, visitors were introduced to several interesting projects: the V2G (a two-way charging system that allows owners to charge their electric vehicle and also deliver electricity to the grid); the Victoria project (an en-route, wireless recharging system for electric-powered buses); and the Zem2all (a project launched in Malaga that gives both private citizens and companies easy access to e-mobility).

Endesa presents in this exhibition its latest products and services by means of practical, live demonstrations. Some of the products featured include Tariff ONE (the industry's first 100% online electricity contract); Infoenergy (improving efficiency with a detailed breakdown of your electricity bill); or products designed specifically for businesses, such as lighting or air-conditioning services.

The exhibition will close on 31th July and reopen on 31th August with new attractive products.