Endesa launches the first Fast Charging Club, which enables the entire island of Majorca to be covered in an electric vehicle

Published on Monday, 3 August 2015

Endesa has launched the eCAR, the first Fast Self-Charging Club, which enables the entire island of Majorca to be covered in an electric vehicle. The initiative has introduced a network of 6 fast charging points on a commercial scale in the form of a grid, which will enable any electric vehicle to safely cover the entire island.

eCAR is a pioneering initiative which Endesa intends to extend and develop throughout Spain so that electric vehicle users can obtain greater autonomy, peace of mind and savings each time they charge their vehicles; all vital aspects for establishing sustainable mobility.

People driving electric vehicles can benefit from a series of advantages by a becoming a member of eCAR:

  1. You can forget about distances. The 6 fast charging points are located in different municipalities, with an average distance of 35 km between each of them. The points cover the entire island so members can drive anywhere with complete peace of mind. All of them are connected to one another, forming a smart grid and which enable 80% of the battery to be charged in less than 30 minutes.
  2. Universal charging network. The points include three types of connectors currently available on the market, enabling all types of electric vehicles to be charged, regardless of the manufacturer, and supplying alternating current and continuous current.
  3. You will not need money. With the membership card you can use the charging points and receive your consumption bill at the end of the month.
  4. Application for mobile devices. With the free eCAR application, available for IOS and Android, you will be able to locate the nearest charging points, find the best available route and calculate travelling times. Club members can plan charging times by reserving the point at the time that best suits them. The application also allows you to view a list of the times the vehicle has been charged using Endesa's network.

eCAR is ideal for residents on the Island of Majorca that use electric vehicles and for tourists (the island receives more than 12 million tourists a year) that would like to enjoy the experience, renting an electric vehicle form one of the rent a car companies that have included them in their fleet.

Owners of electric vehicles wishing to become members of the Self-Charging Club simply have to visit Endesa’s sales office in Palma de Mallorca or one of the 11 service points distributed across the island, register and obtain their welcome pack to start enjoying all the benefits offered by the club.

A number of important car manufacturers have collaborated with Endesa including Nissan and BMW; together with rent a car companies and service stations, where 5 of the six charging points are located. The last of these is located on land owned by Endesa at the Ca´s Tresorer plant. eCAR has been co-financed by the European Fund of Regional development (FEDER funds).

Rent a car operators that have already subscribed to the programme have incorporated electric vehicles into their fleet, offering their clients an all-inclusive: Electric car + charging.

Developing electric mobility

Endesa has developed this initiative with the aim of continuing with its commitment to be a supplier of comprehensive mobility solutions, beyond simply being a charging infrastructure supplier. eCAR represents one more step in this strategy which has recently introduced new products for customers such as “Endesa’s Comprehensive Charging Point Solution”, an all-inclusive service costing €1.85/day, which offers state-of-the-art technology for all electric vehicle models, with maximum safety, comfort and speed when charging. It includes the authorised charging point, a professional installation, a three-year guarantee and an urgent repair service and assistance in 3 hours (more information: 800 007 544 or www.endesavehiculoelectrico.com), with the advantage for customers that this service will be charged to their electric bill.

Endesa is also continuing to market turnkey solutions for all types of customers, adjusting to their charging needs according to their use and the fleet they would like to incorporate. Endesa’s catalogue of products offers a wide range of infrastructures designed to provide the most suitable charging point for each customer; whether they want a conventional or a fast charging solution. A technical team will visit the installations in your business or home in order to carry out a report for the electrical installation and provide a totally customised estimate.

Endesa also offers the special reduced tariff (Tarifa Verde Endesa Supervalle) for any electric vehicle model, which maximises savings by being able to charge the vehicle during reduced tariff and eco-hours, given that the equivalent of the energy consumed with this tariff will have been generated from renewable and high efficiency cogeneration sources. More information at www.endesavehiculoelectrico.com