50,000 students learn about energy with this course thanks to Endesa Educa

Published on Monday, 20 July 2015

Endesa Educa, the educational programme designed by Endesa, ended the 2014-2015 term with the participation of 48,986 people, including students and other visitors. Overall, 1,899 activities were carried out for young students from 657 educational centres. Approximately 245,000 participants have benefited from the Endesa Educa courses over the last eight years, when the initiative began.

The aim of Endesa Educa is to promote an efficient and rational use of electricity and to encourage greater awareness with regard to the value of energy for a better quality of life. To this end, it offers free educational activities aimed at Spanish educational centres and the general public. The purpose is to provide a better understanding of the world of energy in the broadest sense, addressing a wide variety of subjects such as energy saving ideas for the home and how power plants work.

Educational programme

The aim of the Endesa Educa programme is to provide comprehensive training through a number of initiatives: Online activities via the interactive website www.endesaeduca.com; organised visits to the facilities to get a more in-depth understanding of the world of energy (wind parks, thermal plants or control centres, among other facilities); activities in Endesa’s Information Centres, conducted by an instructor and adapted to the different educational levels; and workshops in the actual schools, conducted again by the instructor to carry out activities involving electricity and electromagnetism based on experiments.

Although it is mainly aimed at Primary School students, more Secondary school students are also now taking part. This is also the second course to offer activities for young Pre-school children, who have had the opportunity to learn a little bit about the world of energy through a series of puppet shows.

The year’s latest education initiative was the “Learning and Service” activity which enabled 4th year secondary education students to learn a series of concepts from the themes chosen from among those offered by Endesa Educa, to then teach them to other students either in their centre or in an associated centre. The activity was inaugurated in the Pau Claris Institute in Barcelona, which contacted Endesa Educa to jointly carry out activities of this sort.

One of the star activities this year was "Endesa Educa Energía", which enables young students to carry out energy audits and proposals for the actual school via www.endesae3.com even for their own home with an online tool available for all users called webquest.

Another very popular initiative is Play Energy, a workshop in which an instructor goes to the educational centre with all the necessary equipment for students to directly and tangibly discover the world of energy through a series of experiments, thus strengthening the concepts learnt in class. During this course, which is now in its third edition, 327 schools have requested 1180 activities in which 28,853 3rd and 4th year primary students have taken part.

Endesa Educa has three information centres located in Barcelona, Zaragoza and Palma, as well as an information centre in the Nuclear Plant at Ascó. These have a permanent space in which groups of students or visitors can discover the energy cycle which is explained by an instructor via interactive panels. The activities are designed to complement the content studied in the different educational levels of Primary and Secondary Education, although dissemination activities are also carried out for any groups interested in learning about the energy sector, including topics on power generation, energy sources, transport, consumption and efficient systems.

The programme also organises visits to Endesa’s facilities to explain how power infrastructures work in a real setting. There have been over 8,000 visits to the company's facilities and requests are increasing every year. 97.94% of visitors claim to be very satisfied with the activities carried out and 69% of the requests are from people that have visited the facilities previously.

Furthermore, all types of interactive resources related to energy can be found on the website www.endesaeduca.com  including online games and activities as well as the educational programme for the next term. The main new features include:

  • The creation, via a blog, of an area for reflecting upon energy education, where the educational community can find experiments, articles about science education or milestones in the history of electricity.
  • New online educational activities covering varied aspects such as efficient energy consumption or the environmental restoration of the As Pontes mine.
  • New teaching resources, such as educational games and content about Smart Cities in order to cover this subject in the classroom.

Endesa Educa: Energy education

Endesa’s educational activities were grouped together in the Endesa Educa educational programme five years ago, although the dissemination activities, for offering all the centres in Spain activities, advice and resources related to energy education free of charge began twelve years before.

Through Endesa Educa, Endesa works towards providing a greater understanding of energy through education, offering all centres, resources and educational activities free of charge. The aim is to raise awareness of the value of energy in order to understand the need for more efficient consumption.

The Endesa Educa programme forms part of a wide range of teaching initiatives under the international programme, PlayEnergy developed by the Enel Group 10 years ago with the collaboration of a large number of schools in the countries in which it is present.  The PlayEnergy initiatives offer schools the tools to embark upon a unique scientific journey in an entertaining way. Students and teachers can access, on and offline, workshops, educational material, lessons and science and energy experiments, items of interest from around the world and activities to carry out in class.

All groups interested in taking part in any activity can make their reservation by calling 902.50.00.49 or sending an email to endesaeduca@enel.com