Users rank Endesa’s Customer Ombudsman as outstanding in 2014

Published on Monday, 1 June 2015

Endesa’s Customer Ombudsman, an independent body created in 2002 to mediate between the customer and the company, has been rated as outstanding by the Endesa customers who have used its services.

Endesa is the only company in the sector with a comparable body, which is currently fronted by José Luis Oller. The Customer Ombudsman is a body that is independent of Endesa’s line management and its main function is to address and resolve complaints from customers who, having previously contacted the company through their customer service channels, either did not receive an answer or who were dissatisfied with the response they received.

The Customer Ombudsman has mediated between Endesa and its customers in order to negotiate agreements in more than 60% of the complaints addressed.

The body’s independence is reflected in the fact that 83% of the complaints handled in 2014 were decided either wholly or partially in favour of the customer’s claims. For this reason, those customers who used the independent service have expressed satisfaction levels of 7.4 out of 10.

Since its implementation, the Customer Ombudsman has resolved more than 18,000 cases. In 2014, it received a total of 1,675 complaints that fell within its remit, an increase of 14% in comparison with 2013. This is reflected in its annual report which is available through the website (

Of these complaints, 22% were related with invoicing; 21% with supply; 14% with metering equipment; 18% with the contract and the rest with incidents related to charging, meter readings or infrastructure among others. More than 90% of the cases handled by the Customer Ombudsman come from domestic clients.

Another of the most important elements is the fulfilment of commitments, as one of its objectives is to issue a decision within two months of receiving a complaint. In 2014, Endesa's Customer Ombudsman fulfilled this commitment, reducing the time taken to issue a decision by 5%.

Endesa, meanwhile, undertakes to voluntarily and automatically comply with the Ombudsman’s decisions within a 30 day period starting the date after the customer expressly accepts the resolution.

Endesa's Customer Ombudsman not only protects the customer's interests as a communication channel of last resort, it also makes recommendations as to how the company can improve its commercial customer care services. In this regard, in 2014 the Customer Ombudsman suggested a new procedure for sales, provision and after-sales services in accordance with consumer legislation; and it also issued 18 suggestions to correct anomalies identified in the complaints process.