Endesa, the only power company to certify the quality of its sales channels

Published on Monday, 29 June 2015

Endesa has received the Aenor N Mark of Services for Services Charters for the fourth consecutive year, recognising the Company’s commitment to quality for their on-site sales and telesales channels.

Aenor has been carrying out strict audits on an annual basis since 2011 to certify the commitment to quality in relation to proactive sales activities. Endesa was the first power company to receive this recognition and they have continued to receive it since then. Today Endesa is still the only company in the sector to do so.

The certification, based on the Spanish UNE 93200 standard, certifies the commitment by organisations to comply with the parameters included in their Services Charters, always seeking maximum customer satisfaction. They are also an effective internal management tool.

By providing a proactive customer service, one of Endesa’s main objectives is the commitment to providing quality information in a friendly, polite and transparent manner to ensure complete customer satisfaction with the attention received.

In order to guarantee this commitment, Endesa has 1,400 on-site sales professionals and over 300 telesales specialists. These experts are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure they meet the specific needs of every customer quickly and efficiently.