Endesa rewards young inventors of future basketball

Published on Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Endesa and the Spanish Basketball Federation presented the prizes for the second edition of the Basket Lovers Schools Competition to the best and most innovative ideas applied to basketball. The competition displayed real boldness of imagination:

  • Triangular basketball, with three hoops. This idea received most online votes and was therefore the winner.
  • Glasses for referees capable of recording, so conflictive moves can be watched again. This was the runner-up.
  • Helmets for receiving orders…so indecisive players know what to do. This received the third prize.
  • Sensors that detect insults and hooligan actions on the grandstands (if spectators display or chant insults, the sensors record them so they appear on screen and the individuals can be thrown out...and shamed).
  • Devices that allow blind people to play (with chips located on the court, with spatial information)
  • Smart bracelets that light up if a foul is committed.
  • Basketball with “goodies”: The hoop dispenses sweeties (fruit sweeties of course) if you score…

As said María Lacasa, Head of Endesa’s internal communications, “this edition has proved that innovation and the future of basketball are guaranteed with the minds accompanying us today. The ability to imagine what something would be like if there were no limits is what helps us to improve and move forward”. Juan Martín Caño, vice-president of the Spanish Basketball Federation, said: "This second year, focused on innovation, has given us the pleasure of watching how around 200 schools throughout Spain have used their imagination all in the name of basketball. We now want the rest to do so too, so that boys and girls continue to fall in love with basketball and become real basket lovers”.

The second edition of the “Basket Lover Schools” Programme ended with the Colegio Esclavas de Jesús in A Coruña receiving the first prize in a competition in which more than 60,000 pupils and 194 centres throughout Spain took part in a great activity. The Colegio Virgen de Olmacedo - Ólvega in Soria received the second prize and the Montellano - Garciaz centre in Cáceres was third. However, the ten finalists will receive prizes for the great achievement of standing out among hundreds of registered schools. The winners also enjoyed an extremely high class clinic in their facilities to reward their efforts and dedication. 
The winning school received a prize of 3,000 euros worth of sports equipment and each student involved in the project received a tablet. The two finalists received 2,000 and 1,000 euros worth of sports equipment respectively and various gifts will be distributed among the students representing the centre. The classmates of the three winners also received a prize with a visit to Endesa, where they received a workshop on Endesa Educa's Energy Farm; the National Museum of Science and Technology and a Basketball clinic with a legend of Spanish Basketball, Amaya Valdemoro, among other items.

Endesa and basketball

Endesa’s commitment to Spanish basketball has been steadily growing stronger as both parties have found more and more points of collaboration. What began three years ago with the Endesa League and continued with the 2014 World Championship held in Spain, in which Endesa began with the sponsorship of the men’s basketball team, has continued to get stronger with the sponsorship of the women’s basketball team and the promotion of this discipline among youngsters with the Basket Lover Schools programme. This long and productive relationship continues to be based on the corresponding values between basketball and those of Endesa and on a firm commitment to innovation and the improvement of collaboration initiatives that are studied and presented to society.