Endesa's online community on energy efficiency is the most valued in the sector on social media

Published on Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Twenergy (www.twenergy.com), Endesa's online community oriented towards energy efficiency in the power sector has been rated as the most important energy web on social media, according to an independent study by Epsilon, a company with over twenty years' experience in digital marketing.

In 2014, Endesa's energy efficiency portal registered over three million users, 24% more than the previous year. This interest strengthens the data published by Epsilon that position Endesa's web as containing the best information in the sector on energy efficiency on social media.

Twenergy has over 90,000 followers on social media and 300,000 unique visitors a month. Specifically, Twenergy is positioned as an industry leader on Facebook, with nearly 70,000 followers, over triple its closest competitor. Content generated through Facebook is shared on more than 7,500 occasions, with those on energy saving being considered the most interesting. In this sense, one of the most shared pieces of advice was related to the efficient use of the kitchen: Using the microwave instead of the oven gives energy savings of between 60% and 70%.

On Twitter, with more than 20,000 followers, Twenergy's profile is the one with most retweeted content and interactivity, especially tips and news related to the world of energy savings. For example: Did you know that recycling one aluminium can saves enough energy to run a television for three hours and a half?; Did you know that drying clothes outdoors rather than in the dryer reduces 320 kg of CO2 emissions in a year ?; or did you know that France has proposed to pay an extra salary to citizens who go to work by bicycle ?.

Twenergy's wide dissemination on social networks means that numerous energy efficiency experts have joined the portal's network of collaborators. Around twenty professionals related to energy efficiency offer timely advice and answer questions from users on these issues. Also Endesa's online community has a network of correspondents across the world who report on the latest trends in efficiency from the US, Denmark, Nordic Countries, China, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Costa Rica.

Twenergy's portal was created in 2009 to promote energy efficiency in the energy sector, an argument that until then had no place on social networks. It thus became the sector's first portal with this kind of content and, over the years has been strengthening its presence, increasing their followers by 114% annually.

Since then Twenergy has expanded the content of its website with information on renewable energy efficiency, sustainability, energy and ecology. One of the latest initiatives that Endesa's online community will launch is the ecommerce channel. This section, which was approved in April, will give users the opportunity to purchase efficient products and services, such as light bulbs, solar chargers, innovative devices like the Aquareturn that avoids wasting water while it is heated, or folding electric bikes for use in urban environments.

Further, Endesa has an institutional presence on Facebook with the Endesa Spain fanpage, Endesa Youtube Channel, with a corporate LinkedIn page and on Twitter with @endesainforma. On this latest platform, customers can also receive personal attention on: @endesaclientes