Endesa Foundation creates the new Board of Trustees

Published on Tuesday, 12 May 2015

During the act of renewal, the Chairman stressed that all these names have in common "a successful business and professional profile with a clear commitment to social initiatives".

As for internal trustees, besides the Chairman Borja Prado, the Foundation relies on José Bogas Galvez, Borja Acha Besga, Salvador Montejo Velilla, Paolo Bondi, Javier Uriarte, Fernando Ferrando Vitales, Eduardo Martin Baena, Alfredo Arahuetes and Alberto Fernández Torres. The general manager of Endesa Foundation and secretary of the board, is Rafael López Rueda. With reference to the new board of trustees, the chairman affirmed his belief that "all will contribute their best ideas and knowledge to the development of the Foundation from a new perspective".

Thus begins a new era in the Foundation, which in the coming months will define its specific action programmes, preserving the achievements and lines of action implemented in the past, but strengthening the development of social and environmental initiatives; those related to education and training; and last but not least, related to the use and promotion of Endesa’s Historical Background.

A strategic objective of the Endesa Foundation will be to promote projects whose impacts are measurable and traceable, selectable with clear and transparent criteria.

These criteria are: that these projects meet Endesa’s strategic priorities in the area of its Corporate Social Responsibility; that Endesa Foundation may effectively influence the definition and management of impacts; and that they strengthen Endesa's relationship with institutions and society in general.

For its part, the sponsorship policy will follow similar guidelines, with the aim of achieving an appropriate balance between sponsorships and projects that promote the defined objectives and lines of action.

Endesa Foundation

Endesa Foundation develops an intense cultural and social activity since its creation in 1998 as an independent and non-profit entity. The Foundation combines traditional cultural activities, such as illuminating the artistic heritage in Spain, with clearly social efforts such as vocational training programmes for population at risk of social exclusion.