Endesa invests 6.9 million euros in overhaul operations at the As Pontes power plant

Published on Monday, 13 April 2015

Today, overhaul operations will begin on the Generator Set 3 at Endesa’s As Pontes Thermal Power Plant in La Coruña, one of the four coal-fired generators in the power plant. A total of thirty contracted companies will take part in these scheduled tasks, which will be carried out over a period of 38 days and include companies based in the region.

The investment for the maintenance tasks amounts to 6.9 million euros and these will include the inspection of all the sensitive elements of the generator set: boiler, condenser, turbine and alternator. The condition of the various elements will be checked and various parts of the elements will be replaced with new ones.

These scheduled inspections are carried out on the basis of two parameters: When 30,000 operating hours is reached or when the legally established period for pressure equipment is reached. During the inspection process, the Generators 1, 2 and 4 will be available to meet the market’s power demands.

Endesa has a strict preventive maintenance policy designed to prevent interruptions in its facilities. This has enabled the As Pontes plant to guarantee a reliable service and high availability. 

In 2014, coal-fire power generation represented 34.97 per cent of Endesa’s total production, with 24,365 GWh, only second to nuclear generation, with 35.5 per cent.