Endesa's President, Borja Prado, to assume the presidency of Fundación Endesa

Published on Friday, 27 March 2015

In the framework of Fundación Endesa's Patronage meeting, held on March 27th, Endesa's President, Borja Prado, has been named President of the Fundación Endesa. The entity's President up until this date, Rafael Miranda, leaves this position after six years at the head of the Fundación. It has also been decided that Rafael López Rueda will be named as the Fundacion's General Director, in substitution of José Antonio Gutiérrez.

During the Patronage Meeting, Borja Prado expressed his appreciation for the "absolute dedication and commitment" of Rafael Miranda to the Fundación and for the successes achieved while he headed the entity, "reinforcing his role as an integrative link for Endesa in social environments in which the company is present in a particularly difficult context."

During this period, and without ceasing to address traditional actions, such as efficient illumination for artistic and cultural heritage, or efforts in environmental recuperation, the Fundación Endesa has encouraged new initiatives such as the integration of at-risk youth into the Spanish labour market through training activities.

Beginning now, under the presidency of Borja Prado, the Fundación Endesa is going to redesign its action guidelines, with the objective of bringing its actions still closer to the new needs of the social environments in which the company operates, in accordance with a clear focus on the Iberian market, and with the reinforced bet for stability that Endesa has recently elaborated as part of the Presentation of its new Industrial Plan.

Rafael Miranda has been President of the Fundación Endesa since 2009, after acting as Endesa's Managing Director between 1997 and 2009, and as the company's General Director, from 1987 to 1997. In total, Rafael Miranda has been associated with the company for 28 years; 22 years as a Top Executive at Endesa and 6 years as President of the Fundación.