Endesa’s portal promoting energy efficiency, Twenergy, receives the “Smart Communication” award

Published on Friday, 13 March 2015

Twenergy was elected this year as the Digital Media Partner to provide official online coverage of the Barcelona Congress. Together with Twenergy, Endesa also took part in the congress on energy efficiency and sustainability in the tourism sector through a number of activities aimed at energy efficiency. With the aim of making this sector increasingly competitive, during the 3-day congress, Endesa offered advice for professionals in this area, providing customised solutions for energy consumption management.

Under the slogan: "Energy efficiency and Sustainability: the basis for building an Intelligent Tourist Destination”, the aim of this congress was to create a point of reference in which to discover, share and to do business based on smart solutions in order to transform tourist destinations into smart destinations.

A number of keynote lectures, presentations and round tables were held in the Barcelona Congress, which was attended by more than 600 professionals from around the world, all centred around five main themes: Public intervention in restructuring tourist destinations; tourist infrastructures that need to be renewed in order to turn the city into an intelligent city; market technologies and solutions (Endesa outlined a number of solutions for integrating the most avant-garde technologies in order to achieve energy bill savings); and lastly, a number of case studies for sustainable projects were presented.

For example, using more efficient lighting systems allows energy savings of up to 80% and by designing customised plans to meet visual needs with minimum energy consumption and maximum comfort and safety, with the subsequent reduction of CO2 emissions. Furthermore, individualised studies will enable important savings to be achieved by improving electrical and heating installations in establishments. Endesa has trained a team of over 300 professionals to analyse and create designs according to the specific requirements of each installation.

The Twenergy website was also awarded the 2014 award “Best Content and Information Action on Energy Efficiency” in the “2nd Energy Efficiency Awards A3e-The Installer” organised by the Association of Energy Efficiency Companies.