Endesa will provide customers with personalised information and advice about their energy bills

Published on Monday, 23 March 2015

Customers will also be able to compare these details with those of the last twelve months and with the same period of the previous year; they can find out about the average consumption of similar properties within the same province, town or neighbourhood and about energy usage during the different seasons of the year.

In order to provide further information and as part of the company’s digitalization and energy efficiency policy, Endesa has launched Infoenergía, a completely free service, where Endesa customers will receive personalised information about their energy usage in order to make them more aware of their habits and of how to save energy.

By registering at www.infoenergiaendesa.com, consumers can provide more details about their profile and consumption habits and therefore find out which is the recommended power for their home taking into account the consumption profile of their property and they can receive personalised tips.

These tips will enable them to enjoy energy savings of up to 55%, for example, if the electrical appliances used do not come under the A, A+ or higher category; or that LCD monitors save 37% more energy compared with traditional monitors; or that cooking with a lid on, when possible, can save you up to 25% on the electricity you use.