Endesa recognised as one of the leading suppliers worldwide for its actions against climate change

Published on Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Endesa, subsidiary of the Enel Group,  has been recognised as one of the world's most sustainable suppliers which best manage the risks posed by climate change thanks to its inclusion in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) “Supplier Climate Performance Leadership Index 2014”. The index includes 121 companies from around the world recognised as leading products and services suppliers for their efforts to reduce carbon emissions and to mitigate climate change risks associated with their business.

The index, compiled for the first time this year by CDP, one of the global communication system for corporate environmental information, recognises the excellence of companies as products and services suppliers based on low-carbon emissions business models.

To compile the index, CDP, the international non-profit organization which promotes sustainable economy, assessed information provided by 3,396 companies that answered to the CDP Supply Chain 2014 questionnaire. Only 121 (3.5%) of these companies received an 'A' rating, the highest possible, which gives access to the CDP “Supplier Climate Performance Leadership Index”.

The results of CDP assessment provide a tool for corporate buyers to evaluate and monitor suppliers’ efforts to mitigate climate change risks, such as the increase of costs associated with regulation and fluctuation of energy prices, or business interruption due to extreme weather events.

Other CDP reports

Carbon Disclosure Project is an international, non-profit organisation providing the only global system for companies and cities to measure, disclose, manage and share essential environmental information. Every year it publishes various reports, such as the latest “CDP Supplier Climate Performance Leadership Index 2014”, in which it assesses the quality of companies' management and disclosure of their strategies against climate change. It also publishes the most prestigious climate change index: “ The A List: The CDP Climate Performance Leadership Index”, a unique global report which only includes companies around the world which are most active in fighting climate change.

Endesa, an Enel Group subsidiary, was one of the 187 companies selected among 2,000 listed companies worldwide for its actions against climate change, thereby securing a place in this global ranking that assesses the efforts of companies to mitigate climate change.

Endesa also took part for the fifth year in a row in the CDP “Water Disclosure” programme, another CDP initiative that provides information on water and how it is managed by the  world's largest companies. This project aims at informing the global market on investment risks and commercial opportunities and to help drive investment towards sustainable use of water. As part of this initiative, CDP publishes the annual "CDP Global Water Report", which analyses, based on the responses of 1,064 participating companies, the main risks and opportunities identified by companies in relation to water availability and the trends in the management of these risks.

A global commitment as part of the Enel Group 

The Enel Group, Endesa's main shareholder, was also included in the prestigious CDP Italy Climate Disclosure Leadership Index 2014, published in the “CDP Italy 100 Climate Change Report 2014”. Enel was ranked in the index as a leading company in terms of the quality, comprehensiveness and transparency of the climate change data it made available to the market through CDP. Within the index, Enel was awarded a score of 98/100.