Endesa installed in Spain 958 charging stations for electric vehicles in four years

Published on Monday, 16 March 2015

Over the last four years Endesa has installed 958 standard charging stations for electric vehicles across Spain, thus tripling the number of facilities installed since 2011. Over the last four years, Endesa also installed 37 "charge-and-go" stations, which can charge 80% of an electric vehicle battery in 15 minutes. This achievement confirms the clear commitment of the Enel Group in promoting electric mobility as an essential tool to ensure sustainable development and to contrast the effects of climate change.

Charging stations have been installed for both business and private customers. In order to promote and facilitate access to electric mobility, Endesa launched the sale initiative "All-in-one Charging Point Solution", an all-inclusive option which will be priced at 1.85 €/day. The package includes a standard charging station, a professional installation service and a three-year warranty, emergency repair service and a breakdown service within three hours (for more details please call 800 007 544 or visit www.endesavehiculoelectrico.com). More information about this new service will be available on next electricity bill.

Endesa will continue to offer turnkey solutions to meet customers’ charging needs  by taking into account frequency of charging operations, vehicle model and preferred type of stations (standard or charge-and-go). In order to offer solutions that best fit customers' needs,  a technical team assesses customer’s electricity consumption requirements prior choosing the most appropriate charging solution.

Endesa is also offering the Endesa Supersaver Green Rate on any electric vehicle model. The supersaver green rate reduces the cost for customers by providing an off-peak charging service based on energy from renewable sources and energy-saving cogeneration. For more information please visit www.endesavehiculoelectrico.com

Electric mobility at the Enel Group

The Enel Group is developing innovative electric mobility solutions and it is  involved in the development of several international e-mobility projects, particularly in Europe and Latin America. 

Enel has developed a smart charging infrastructure, which incorporates the Group's smart meter technology currently used by millions of its customers in Europe. Moreover,  Enel Group's charging stations are managed in real time by its mobility management system (EMMS), providing users with value added services: for example,  customers can select and reserve a place at a charging station or check the amount of energy used.

Enel and Endesa are involved in a number of EU-financed initiatives, such as  Green eMotion and Unplugged, which are aimed at promoting electric mobility and defining a common framework for Europe in this sector. Endesa has also taken part in the European ZeUS project aimed at promoting the use of electric buses in European cities.

In Italy, Enel has also entered into partnership with main car manufacturers, regional authorities and other distributors to implement in the country  an extensive network of charging infrastructure for residential and business customers. 
In Spain, Endesa is spearheading the country's biggest e-mobility demo project, ZEM2ALL, in Malaga, where 200 people already drives electric cars and 23 public charge-and-go stations have been installed. As of today, the cars have travelled three million kilometres, which is equivalent to avoiding more than 200 tonnes of CO2 emissions and planting around 700 trees.  Another project already completed in Malaga is VICTORIA,  the first dynamic inductive charging system for a bus lane in Spain whereby electric buses will be charged wirelessly while on the move.