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Smart Home

Homix is much more than a smart thermostat. It enables you to optimally manage the heating in your home, transforming it into an intelligent system that learns your family's user habits and automates the heating according to your needs. This will help you save and respect the environment.

Homix offers you many functions and services that will make the daily management of your home smarter, simpler and more immediate.

Much more than a smart thermostat, it is the simplest and most convenient way of having an authentic smart home:

  • Control your heating thanks to a smart thermostat.
  • Manage and automate the lighting in your home.
  • Devices designed to help protect your home and make it secure.
  • Voice integration with Alexa and a free app to control everything.



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Advantages of the Endesa smart thermostat

Device with intuitive touchscreen

The Endesa smart thermostat is controlled via a very intuitive touchscreen. It can also be installed to control the air conditioning.

Automatic temperature control

You can programme it manually or use the automatic programming. Homix learns your family's schedules so it can activate when required.

Add additional functionalities

Get even more out of your smart thermostat and use Homix to control much more: Multi-zone heating, security cameras and sensors and smart plugs and bulbs.

Guarantee and technical support

Endesa has a professional service for the installation of a smart thermostat for only €39. We also include a 3-year guarantee and 24-hour service.

Mobile App

The free Homix app will enable you to control the smart thermostat and other devices in your smart home.

Devices for your Homix system

With Danfoss Ally© smart radiator heads you can control the temperature in each room individually. This enables you to avoid unnecessary heating expenses and save more without sacrificing comfort.

The Danfoss Ally© heads are an ideal complement to the Endesa smart thermostat, Homix. They integrate seamlessly with the control panel and mobile app to optimise the temperature of the different rooms in your home.

The Homix Home control centre already has Alexa built in, so you don't need anything else. You can talk to Homix and regulate your thermostat or change the intensity of your lights from the comfort of your sofa. All without so much as lifting a finger!

Both our smart thermostat and its add-ons integrate seamlessly with this voice assistant.

Another advantage of the Homix system is that it makes it easier for you to make the most efficient use of the lighting in your home.

With Smart Homix bulbs you can adjust the intensity and colour of the light according to the different needs of the day, eliminating unnecessary consumption.

You can also install smart plugs that enable you to control the electrical appliances in your home and programme when they switch on and off.

Just as with lighting and smart heating systems, the Homix system enables you to incorporate security systems into your home. Control in real time everything that happens in your home and receive alerts immediately on your mobile phone.

  • Multisensor: a motion, temperature and light sensor.
  • Opening sensor: detects when doors and windows in your home are opened.
  • Smart Camera: Enables you to have the peace of mind of knowing that everything is fine, wherever you are.

Do you have any more questions about Homix?

If you have any questions about the Endesa smart thermostat, its installation or additional accessories, please contact us via Endesa X, a specialist in Smart Home solutions.

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