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It's Not Magic, It's Energy. Gio Bravar and photography with light and smoke

The instagrammer and photographer Gio Bravar is our guest today in It's Not Magic, It's Energy. He brings us a photography experiment to better understand how light works. Grab your camera!

Once again, the Endesa blog brings you a new experiment to better understand how energy works with It's Not Magic, It's Energy. Follow our Instagram profile @EndesaClientes and discover all the experiments in our Stories.

We continue with our discussion about light and its properties. In this experiment we will see how camera filters work and how light is affected when it passes through smoke. To help us understand these effects, we have our guest photographer and instagrammer Gio Bravar, who brings us a really cool experiment.

It's not magic, it's energy - photography, light and filters by Gio Bravar

This experiment is really useful and, above all, easy. We are going to create a portable spotlight that can change colour. This will allow us to focus on specific aspects in order to highlight something in particular in the photograph we are going to take. We can create a narrative line, for example, which is what I have done, or simply play with the light.


  • Torch
  • Piece of hard plastic
  • Coloured permanent markers


We will need a powerful torch since we are going to work in the dark. If the torch is adjustable, all the better; this way we can switch between more intense light and more diffuse light.

We will take a piece of translucent plastic, if possible it should be stiff so that we can hold it more easily, and we will colour small sections of the plastic with the coloured markers. Then, depending on the colour we want, we will put that part of the piece of plastic in front of the torch as if it were a filter and we will have our mini portable spotlight.

To fill the scene with this colour and not lose the other colours we will project a colour that complements the background. In my case, I used blue in the torch so I decided to go for a pink neon light I had at home. In this way, even if the blue predominated in the areas I wanted to focus on, I would not lose the other colours. A disco-type light would also do or a lamp with a coloured scarf on top, etc. It's all about trying things out.

In the creative process, the editing of the photo is very important (below you can see the before and after) since the equipment available to each person will give different colours. In my case, the blue I had on hand was quite purple, but I was aware of this and knew that I could change it in the editing to produce a more aqua blue, which was what I had in mind. The same happened with the pink, which was going to become a more reddish shade. As I said, it's all about trying things out, playing around and enjoying the process.

I hope you like it and use it! It's not Magic, It's Energy!

Other experiments are awaiting you on our Instagram profile with It's Not Magic, It's Energy! Are you ready?

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