Shareholder's right to information

Article 9, section 3 of the Shareholders’ Meeting Regulations stipulates that immediately after the publication of the General Meeting notice and up to the fifth day before, included, the date set for such meeting in first call, the shareholders may,  request in writing any information or clarification or pose questions they deem relevant, including those related to the agenda for the meeting, and any publicly available information provided by the Company to the Spanish Securities Market Commission since the last General Meeting was held or to the auditors' report.

These requests for information may be made by delivering said request to the registered offices or by sending it to the Company by post or other means of electronic or automated long-distance communications sent to the address specified in the related meeting notice. Requests shall be acknowledged when the electronic document under which said information is requested includes a recognized electronic signature employed by the petitioner, or other type of electronic signature which, by previously adopted resolution to such effect, the Board of Directors considers as satisfying adequate guarantees of authenticity and identification of the shareholder exercising his/her right to information. The shareholder shall be responsible for proving that the request was sent to the company in due time and form.

The directors shall be required to provide the information requested in accordance with the preceding paragraph in the manner and periods provided by law, unless such information is not necessary for the protection of the shareholder's rights, or unless there are objective reasons to believe that such information may be used for purposes outside the company or if the release of such information could negatively affect the Company or any of its affiliates. An information request may not be denied if such request is supported by at least one fourth of total capital.

Replies to the shareholders will be issued by the Board of Directors in a resolution or, as the case may be, by any of the Directors, by the Board Secretary, or by any person expressly authorized for such purpose.

All valid requests for information or clarification as well as all questions validly raised in writing together with the answers provided by the directors, in writing, shall be posted on the Company's website.

If requested information is already clearly, explicitly and directly available to all shareholders on the Company's website in a Q&A format before the relevant question was posed, the directors response may be limited to referring the requesting party to the information which has already been provided in said format.

Similarly, section 4 stipulates that, without prejudice to the right of shareholders to access information concerning General Shareholders’ Meetings as referred to in Sub-article 3, above, once the General Shareholders’ Meeting has been called, shareholders may, after providing evidence of their identity as such, make comments or suggestions in writing on the items on the agenda through the Shareholder’s Office or the Company’s website. The General Shareholders’ Meeting will not be informed of these comments or suggestions, without prejudice to the Board of Directors being able to take them into account and to the right of shareholders to participate in the debates of the General Shareholders’ Meeting pursuant to the provisions of law.