Year 2015
Number of shares 1,058,752,117
Endesa's share price Madrid S.E. (euro)
Year-high (intra-day) 20.59
Year-low (intra-day) 15.57
Year-end 18.53
Average daily traiding volume (shares)
 Madrid S.E. 3,592,972
 Annual trading volume
 Madrid S.E. (Euro Million) 16,501
Market capitalisation (Euro Million as of Dec, 31st) 19,613
Ranking by market capitalisation as of Dec, 31st 6
P/E Madrid S.E. (2) 15.41
Dividend per share (Euros) 1.026
Pay Out 100%
Dividend yield (3) 4.6%
Earnings per share (Euros) 1.03
 P/E Endesa 18.01

(1) In dec 2007, Endesa Endesa requested exclusion of its ADRs from the New York Stock Exchange.

(2) Madrid S.E.

(3) Dividend received within the year/ stosck price on Dec 31st previous year