Whistleblower Channel

Endesa would like its employees and stakeholders in general to alert about any potential compliance violation, and to do so it provides them a whistleblower channel (Ethics box), through which anybody can report a concern confidentially or anonymously.

The channel is administered by an external third-party provider, which fully guarantees confidentiality.

However, reporting untrue or false facts or claims being aware of doing so, would lead to disciplinary actions and criminal or civil penalties according to the law.

Click here to Access Endesa’s whistleblower channel: Ethics Box.

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Transparency in institutional processes

Endesa manages relations with the institutions in accordance with the principles established in the applicable regulatory provisions and in its Code of Ethics, providing its vision or stance and complete and transparent information so that you can make decisions in the best conditions.

In this regard, particularly and as established in the Code of Ethics: “Endesa does not finance, neither in Spain, nor abroad, political parties, nor their representatives or candidates, nor sponsors conferences or celebrations that have the sole objective of political propaganda. We abstain from any type of direct or indirect pressure on political speakers (for example, through public concessions to Endesa, accepting suggestions for contracts, consulting contracts, etc.)”.

Endesa provides with full transparency its vision about matters regarding energy to the institutions. In addition, Endesa participates in business and employer associations that, among other functions, represent their members in the public regulatory processes, and in general, in the framework of the consultation processes of the energy and business policy initiatives developed by the public institutions.

The total annual fees paid in 2017 to this type of association to participate in them amounted to 3.71 million euros (an amount that increased to 4.47 million euros in 2014, 4.50 million euros in 2015, and 4.00 million euros in 2016). 

In 2017, the five most important fees paid by Endesa were to the following entities: “Spanish Electricity Industry Association – UNESA” (2.62 million euros), “Spanish Chamber of Commerce” (225,000 euros), “Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations – CEOE” (220,000 euros), “Spanish Gas Association – SEDIGAS” (62,000 euros) and the “Institute of Economic Studies” (52,000 euros).

The institutional dialogue of the business associations in which Endesa participated in 2017 was focused, among others, on the support for the consultation and regulatory development processes in the following areas:

  • energy regulation, aimed at developing the energy model or that affects the generation activities, distribution or electrical supply. The fees paid by Endesa in 2017 to associations whose functions include support in these matters amounted to 2.97 million euros.
  • business regulations, oriented toward aspects related to industrial, labour and tax legislation. The fees paid by Endesa in 2017 to associations whose functions include support in these matters amounted to 0.74 million euros.


Endesa has been recorded on the EU’s voluntary transparency register since 2011. (http://ec.europa.eu/transparencyregister).