Whistleblower Channel

Endesa would like its employees and stakeholders in general to alert about any potential compliance violation, and to do so it provides them a whistleblower channel (Ethics box), through which anybody can report a concern confidentially or anonymously.

The channel is administered by an external third-party provider, which fully guarantees confidentiality.

However, reporting untrue or false facts or claims being aware of doing so, would lead to disciplinary actions and criminal or civil penalties according to the law.

Click here to Access Endesa’s whistleblower channel: Ethics Box.

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Transparency in institutional processes

Endesa handles its relations with institutions in compliance with applicable law and with the provisions set forth in the Company´s Code of Ethics, providing complete and transparent information to help them make well-informed decisions. Endesa also contributes with absolute transparency to the consultation process for political and legislative dossiers on energy and environmental issues. 

Moreover, Endesa is involved in trade associations and employers’ associations in roles that, among other functions, include the representation and positioning of the companies associate members in the regulatory process and, in general, within the sphere of initiatives of energy and environmental policies developed by the public institutions. 

Annual contributions paid during 2016 to the above-mentioned organizations is €4.00 Million (€5.42 Million in 2013; €4.47 Million in 2014; €4.5 Million in 2015).

In particular in 2016 the five largest contributions made to these associations were: UNESA (€2,875,865), the Spanish Chamber of Commerce (€225,000), CEOE (€219,966), SEDIGAS (€62,060) and Instituto de Estudios Economicos (€52,071).

Endesa has been recorded on the EU’s voluntary transparency register since 2011. (http://ec.europa.eu/transparencyregister).