Reseller companies, distribution companies and electricity markets

And what is the difference between the regulated and deregulated electricity market? The key is in the price of the kWh. In the regulated market (the normal tariff of which is the VPSC, Voluntary Price for Small Consumers), prices vary constantly depending on energy supply and demand. In the deregulated market, as with telephone companies, the company offers different types of tariffs, although normally the kWh price is fixed, so you will always know how much the energy you use is going to cost.

In short, "in the regulated market, the supply is regulated by the Government and those signed up to the VPSC have the same conditions, regardless of the company used. In the deregulated market, “you can look for the offer you want with any company”, points out Agrelo.

So, can I choose? Yes! You are free to change reseller company and your regulated or deregulated contract. Now you decide.

If you still have any queries or would like more information, you can visit the website, where we will explain more about the market deregulation and the difference with the regulated market.