Maintaining the power distribution grid

“We also carry out thorough inspections of all our installations: high, medium and low voltage lines, substations, protection and remote-control systems, distribution centres, etc.”

Infrared cameras installed on helicopters are also used in thermographic inspections, which can detect elements with temperatures considered higher than normal. This enables the coordinates to be recorded and the mechanism to correct it is automatically activated.

LIDAR light and distance detection systems have also been included in this series of techniques. These enable three-dimensional maps of the forests surrounding the power grid to be carried out using GPS technology combined with laser sensors and the lines can be mapped to verify whether the distance between the woodland or any close object and the power lines is the correct distance.

Grid improvements are essential in order to ensure the electricity system works correctly and this is the main reason for us investing in the study, developing and applying new technologies, as well as modernising existing infrastructures and training our technicians. This will enable us to not only guarantee the continuity of the supply, but also the quality of our service.