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What you have to do to sign up for a gas supply to your home

We tell you what you need to know to sign up for a gas supply to your home, as well as the documents required and the steps to follow.

To sign up for a domestic gas supply, the first thing you need to know is that it is necessary to have an installation certificate issued by an authorised installer.


How do I know if gas can reach my home?

If you want a gas supply to your home, you will need a connection. This is supposing that a gas installation already exists. If not, it will have to be requested, meaning the process will take longer. stra necessitarem una connexió de servei. Això requereix que hi hagi una instal·lació. 


Connecting to flats in apartment blocks

If you live in a flat in an apartment block, it will be the association of property owners that has to apply for a gas installation.

The first thing you need is information on whether the natural gas network reaches the area in which you live. If it does, the installer will proceed to carry out the necessary works. 

The distribution company is responsible for checking that the connection is working correctly. After they have, they will provide the installer with a universal supply point code, known in Spain as a “CUPS”. The installer will issue the official installation certificate based on this code. If the installation is requested by an association of property owners, it will consist of two parts:

  • The installation of the communal or general connection of the apartment building (communal gas reception installation, known in Spain as the “IRC”).
  • Each one of the individual connections of the different flats that want to sign up for a gas supply (individual gas reception installation or “IRI”).

It may be the case that a home does not have an IRI connection. This is because it is often considered as optional, in which case it will have to be requested individually from the authorised installer and be re-checked while maintaining the same CUPS.

Connection in single-family detached houses 

In the case of single-family detached houses, the process can be simplified as they are individual connections. However, the general connection, when in residential estates, developments or complexes of semi-detached or terraced single-family houses, is usually also managed by the association of property owners constituted to run them, with the procedure being similar to that for apartment blocks.


The IRC fee

When the installation is undertaken by the association of property owners, the communal installation part is only paid by those residents who link up to the network via individual connections, since it is established as a standing charge in the distribution 



If the installations are already in place, what’s the signing up process?

The energy supply sign-up process itself begins after the entire installation has already been completed. It is practically the same if it is a first sign-up or a sign-up reactivation.


The CUPS, which we have already seen is a supply code that the distribution company provides at the start, is an essential part of any sign-up process.

CUPS, which is the Spanish acronym for Universal Supply Point Code, is a unique code that identifies each supply point of the natural gas network throughout Spain. In other words, it is your supply point’s ID code, and it never changes and is not linked to a person.

If, for example, the previous owner of a property has cancelled the supply and you, as the new owner, want to reactivate it, you get the same CUPS number.

There is a chance that, on acquiring a home second-hand, this code cannot be found and the sign-up has to be reactivated. In this case, the distribution company will have to be asked to search its files and verify the code corresponding to your new home.


Documentation that must be provided

In addition to the CUPS, which we have already said is essential, the following data and documents must be provided:

  • Supply contract holder: National ID document, or Tax ID Code if it is a company.
  • Full supply address.
  • First occupancy permit: for new-build homes.
  • IRI and IRC installation certificates: only requested occasionally.

The installation certificate will be valid if the supply has been inactive for less than a year. If not, a new survey and the issue of a new certificate must be requested.

Other information that must be included in the home's supply contract

To have a gas supply at home, you will have to select a gas rate. At Endesa we offer you our One Gas rate (ONE GAS LINK), with which you can enjoy a fixed price and manage absolutely everything online.

At this point, it is important to distinguish between the sales company and the distribution company. Although it is the former that is generally in charge of managing the sign-up process and the contract, the sales company only plays a passive role in the management of the installation. It is the distribution company that is the true manager of the supply, connections, installations and the network. However, it is the sales company that does the marketing and payment collection tasks.

Therefore, in the event of any liability claim, such as, for example, the return of an undue IRC fee charge, the distributor will be liable and competent in this respect.

How long does installation take?

Once all the steps that we have explained have been carried out correctly, the sign-up to the gas supply will be completed and the company usually commences the supply within 5 to 7 days.

There is no reason for the gas supply to cause any problems. Normally the documentation is up to date and the property's owners provide it, but it is a good idea to check this when you acquire your home. However, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your installation and supply.

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