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Tempo Happy 50hr Rate: Whenever you want and without worries

There is no need to get confused about sums or subtractions, nor with plans or schedules. With Tempo Happy 50hrs you will enjoy every month of the 50 hours of increased consumption of electricity totally free.

You are different and therefore you are looking for a unique way to express yourself, to get out of the status quo, to be yourself. You decide your haircut, your music group, your favourite restaurant and you also choose how to use your time.

Because of this and since we want you to just be yourself, we offer you the new Tempo Happy 50hr rate. You enjoy, live your life the way you want to, play, use Whatsapp, share, sleep, laugh, travel or create your music list because we we will make sure that the 50 hours that consume the most each month do not cost a penny.

As REAL as it is, it's a happy rate. Don't make life difficult for yourself, Your "Smart-rate" Endesa is on top of it.

You can finally enjoy your time. We'll take care of the rest. The automation and efficiency that is so much talked about, now in your electricity rate.

“With Tempo Happy 50hrs you will enjoy the 50 hours of increased electricity consumption in your home completely free every month.”

50 free hours each month

Calendar notifications, notes, reminders stuck on the fridge, schedules, meetings,... Too many things to remember and do, right? We want the electricity bill not to be another outstanding task on your list.

With new rate tempo Happy 50hrs, consume when you want, without adapting to a schedule, and in Endesa check at the end of the month what your 50 hours of higher consumption are and you will get to €0. To clarify: We give them away so it will save on the electricity bill so you can use that money for other things.


What are the most consumed hours?

The most consumed hours for most Spaniards are between 6 and 10 p.m.:

If you adjust to the national average, your 50 hours of higher consumption per month are likely to be on that fork. If you don't fit, it doesn't matter: Endesa is in charge of verifying your top 50 hours and billing them at 0 euros.

What about the rest of the hours, with the 51, 52, and 53... and all the rest of your monthly consumption? Fixed price. This means that as long as the contract is kept in place, you willalways pay the same price for every kWh consumed and thus avoid unexpected scares.


Lower your bill and live free

Have you ever wondered how to have free electricity? with the New Electricity rate Endesa tempo Happy 50hrs, you will not have to be aware of off-peak hours, peak hours or days of the week.

You'll have 50 hours of free electricity a month. Escape the average and general rules. Be yourself. The flavour is in the variety, so we offer this solution.

By the way, our rate is not subject to a period because we know that your lifestyle can change from one month to the next. And we like it.

Your "Smart-Rate"

Thanks to the smart meters you can know the energy consumption down to the last detail of your home.

These devices gather exactly what you consume every day and send all the information to you automatically. Just get on the Internet (from your home, a cell phone, from anywhere) to see how much electricity you are consuming.

With this efficient way of analysing the data about what you spend, we will know exactly what the 50 hours of that month were in higher consumption, so that you do not pay. Efficient, simple, flexible and something you don't need to worry about any more.

“Consume when you want, without adapting to a schedule. The 50 hours of higher consumption will go to €0.”
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