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Tariff One Luz + OKLuz Assist

With the One Luz + OKLuz Assist tariff, you benefit from a single price for your electricity. Services will include unlimited repairs to the electrical installation in your home, one yearly repair to private label domestic appliances and one repair to the electric water heater.

The One Luz + OKLuz Assist tariff also includes:

Permanent support, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A repair service that includes two handyman services per year, lasting three hours each, for electrical installation work (light bulbs, wall lamps, etc.) and replacement work (you won't have to worry about changing plugs, switches or bulbs any more).

Don't know who to call when the power goes out?

Enjoy Endesa's 24-hour breakdown assistance service and solve any internal breakdown in your home with regard to the electrical installation.



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Advantages of the One Luz + OKLuz Assist tariff

Urgent breakdown repair service in less than 3 hours

We will arrive at your home in less than 3 hours to repair urgent breakdowns.

Attention 24h

Permanent assistance: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Save forever

Sign up now and get one month's free electricity consumption every year forever.

Extras included

Call-out and 3 hours of labour for each repair included.

Digital bill

You will receive all your bills by email as soon as they are emitted. Much faster than the postman.

If you are already an Endesa customer, we have a special offer for you.










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Frequently Asked Questions

Prices with taxes (*)

VAT % Peak hour power term €/kW and year Off-peak power term €/kW and year T. Energía €/kWh
5% 35,732466 €/kW and year 8,439155 €/kW and year 0,183191 €/kWh
21 % 41,177413 €/kW and year 9,725122 €/kW and year 0,211106 €/kWh

(*) Prices including taxes. For electricity, the electricity tax is added (0.5% or a minimum amount of €0.5/MWh or €1/MWh, as appropriate) and for gas the hydrocarbons tax (€0.00234/kWh). To the result, VAT is added (21% or 5% as appropriate) IGIC (Canary Islands 0% or 3%, and 7% as appropriate). The following regulated costs associated with the financing mechanism for the Social Bonus are added to the prices: Fixed cost per customer (retailing) of €0.03671762/day (Mainland and Balearic Islands: €0.03874627/day taxes included for power supplies less than 10kW and, in all other cases, €0.04465046/ day taxes included; Canary Islands: €0.03690121/day taxes included for power supplies less than 10kW and for domestic clients, and in all other cases, €0.03800824/day taxes included). For supply points on the mainland, the regulated cost of financing the cap on the price of gas used for the generation of electricity is also added to electricity prices, which together with other items means an additional regulated cost to finance the measure. This regulated cost will be included in the invoice under "Maximum cost of gas RDL10/2022". If you are already an Endesa Energía customer, a change of tariff will mean this additional cost will be added to your bill.

The One Endesa Tariff is a new way of understanding your electricity contract, in which you will have a stable kWh price for all the energy you consume. You'll also enjoy a stable electricity price for an entire year, and what's more, you'll be able to make all the arrangements you need online. It always offers you a fixed and competitive electricity price, not just during the first year. We offer you Endesa's best online price.

  • The One Tariff is a 100% online tariff, meaning you can make all arrangements quickly and easily, 24 hours a day, in the "Customer Area" section of the website or by downloading our mobile app. Save time with Endesa's online service.
  •  You can arrange just what you need, without being forced to take out an additional service but with the option to arrange one if you wish.
  • You'll receive an email indicating the date and link for accessing your e-invoice when it is available.
  • Arranging the tariff is simple and easy, there are no extra costs and no downtime in your supply. Streamline your efforts with Endesa's online service arrangement.
  • A tariff for ALL customers, old and new.

OKLuz Assist is Endesa's repair and handyman service for mixing any electrical problems you may have in the home. A 24-hour, 365-day-a-year service that includes unlimited repairs to your home's electrical installation and one home appliance repair service each year.

Whenever you have a fault, you can contact the OKLuz Assist technical service and an emergency electrician will come to your home in less than 3 hours if the fault is urgent, or within a maximum of 48 business hours if the fault is not urgent - in both cases, the travel time and the first 3 hours of labour are free - OKLuz Assist customers have access to a free telephone support number, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year: 900 85 86 85.

The number of electrical system repairs is unlimited. In addition, once a year, OK Luz Assist includes a repair on a electric hot-water heater, major electrical appliance (washer, dryer, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, cooker hood, oven, cooker or stove) and two hours electrical handyman services: installation of electrical devices (lighting fixtures, wall and ceiling fittings, halogen lights in suspended plaster ceilings) and replacements (switches, wall sockets, buzzers, lights, bulbs, halogen lights, etc.).

The most common are those related with the electric panel, light switches and plugs.

If you do not have any electric light at home, or you have no power in the socket for the refrigerator, and not it's an power-cut on the part of the electricity distributor, an OKLuz Assist technician will visit your home in less than 3 hours.

There is no minimum duration. If you are not convinced, you can switch whenever you want. On other words, there are no penalties if you decide to leave. There are only specific conditions for some promotions or temporary special offers. Don't worry, we will let you know if this is the case.

A One tariff contract has a duration of one year and is automatically renewable.

The price may be updated on 1 January each year by the value of the actual CPI (last General Year-on-Year Consumer Price Index officially published at the time of the update), as well as for variations in the current regulated components that apply to electricity and gas supplies, and with possible new changes that may be approved by regulation.

In case of updating with the value of the CPI, the year-on-year CPI for November, published on the website of the National Institute of Statistics (https://www.ine.es/) will be used. The update will be made by adding to the previous prices the result of multiplying the CPI by those prices. For more information, the year-on-year CPI for November 2021 was 5,5%, the year-on-year CPI for November 2020 was -0.8% and the year-on-year CPI for November 2019 was 0.4%.

Any changes in the regulated components applicable in the contract (upwards or downwards) will be transferred to the customer. These modifications are regulated, they are totally beyond Endesa's control and apply equally throughout Spain and to all companies.

The price may also be reviewed one year after contracting. If there were any changes, we would let you know one month in advance. Always remember that at any time you can terminate the contract or contract another tariff from Endesa or any other company without penalty.


Terms of business

PDF (0.17MB) Download

General conditions of services

PDF (0.75MB) Download

Conditions One Luz Tariff 2.0TD

PDF (0.43MB) Download

Conditions OKLuz Assist

PDF (0.14MB) Download

Specific conditions for registering for fotofactura

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Conditions digital bill

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Legal terms and conditions for the 20% discount on the energy term promotion

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*Promotion valid until 18 October 2022 for electricity contracts with Endesa Energía (2.0TD access tariffs). Indefinite 10% discount on the energy term + 10% additional discount on the energy term during the first year.

By signing this new contract we inform you that, if you meet the requirements to qualify for the Bono Social discounted rate, you will not be able to qualify for it. Nor will you be able to apply for the Small Consumer Voluntary Price (PVPC) tariff.

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