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What electricity rate to contract? Choose well and save

Choosing a rate is relatively easy if we are clear about certain information. The first thing to consider is when and in what way you use energy.

In the same way that no two people are the same, our rates also have different characteristics. No particular rate is better than any other; they are simply better adapted to your consumption needs.  

"A rate that does not take into account your lifestyle does not benefit you at all."

Are you interested in knowing which rate is best for you? Well, let's get to know each other a little better and think about what you need to get it right the first time.


1.    How much power do I contract?

The amount that allows you to balance savings and well-being without any problems. To calculate it, you have to take into account the number of appliances that you usually have on at the same time each day. For example, if you have electric heating, cook using the oven and use the clothes dryer, and you do all this at the same time because you do not spend much time at home, then you need a high power rating so that the circuit breakers do not keep tripping. You deserve it for your own well-being.

Here you will find some key points for deciding the electric power rating that best sus you.

2.    How do I use electricity?

Knowing your home’s consumption habits is essential for being able to focus your decision better and increase your chances of saving. It is really worthwhile to stop for a second and think clearly about which days of the week and at what times you use and need more electricity.

If you are an Endesa customer, we make it very easy for you. Enter your Private Area and check your consumption details. You have all your up-to-date information there so that you can make a much better decision.


3.    Which is more appropriate for me? Fixed Rate or Variable Rate?

Well, as in many other important things, it depends on what you want.

The variable rate is regulated by the wholesale market, which is basically unpredictable. The price of electricity is calculated by the hour and is only known one day in advance. Every day there are 24 different prices...

Isn't that a bit crazy? The good thing is that you don't have to worry about anything; your smart meter records your consumption and applies the corresponding price, with its corresponding variations. The downside is that you have very little room for control.

For this reason, many people prefer to forget about the ups and downs and enjoy a cheap flat rate throughout the year. One that, of course, suits their needs. Because within the fixed rates you can benefit from rates with hourly discrimination and take advantage of better prices when it is more convenient for you. 

"If you are clear about what you need, getting it right is very easy"







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4.    Tell me what you want and I will tell you which Endesa rates are best for you

If you already have the answer to the previous questions, it is time to see what rate or service fits best withwhat you want and what you need:

  • You want the same price at all times: One Rates. A single, fixed, cheap price for all the electricity you consume.
  • You want a rate that adapts to your habits: Tempo Rates. With lower prices during the hours and days that you consume the most electricity.

Whatever you are like, think about what you can do to lower your bill, and the fact that a well-chosen rate will help you to pay less.


5. You have decided that you want to stop worrying about the price of your electricity

One less problem: with One Rates, electricity will always cost you the same amount. You will enjoy a cheap rate, 100% online, so that you can take care of all the paperwork quickly online. In addition, by contracting it you will have one month of FREE electricity consumption.

You can make your decision even more cost effective by taking into account when you consume more power:

  • If you consume electricity throughout the day: One Luz is your best option. You won't have to worry about what time it is when using your appliances.

            And if you want to add maintenance. With One Luz + OKLuz Assist you will enjoy the advantages of One Luz and an unlimited Repair Service for your home’s electrical installation:

  • Permanent support 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Two electrical handyman services per year.
  • Repair of a white goods appliance per year.
  • A month and a half of  FREE* electricity consumption.

            If you consume more at night: One Nocturna gives you 14 hours at a very cheap price because it is a rate with time discrimination. From 10 p.m. to 12 noon (in winter) and from 11 p.m. to 1 p.m. (in summer). 

6. You have decided to adapt your rate to the hours that suit you best

Good choice. Tempo rates adapt to your habits and favourite hours so that you pay less during the hours when you consume the most. You can contract it 100% online and quickly take care off all the paperwork online. They all share these advantages:

  • 2% discount on your electricity during the first year when contracting online.
  • E-Billing.
  • One month of FREE* electricity consumption. (except for the Tempo Verde Super Off-Peak Rate)

            Choose the most appropriate rate to get what you want:

            I want two hours free every day: Tempo Happy 2Horas  Of course, the hours that you choose.

            I want 50 free hours a month: Tempo Happy 50Horas You won't even have to think; we give you the 50 hours with the most consumption.

            I want one free day a week: Tempo Happy Día Ideal if you use more electricity on one specific day each week .

            I want green energy from 100% renewable sources: Tempo Verde Super Off-Peak Tariff. An environmentally friendly rate ideal for recharging your electric car at night.

  •  Lower nightly prices, especially between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m.
  • 5% on-going discount on both your energy charge and power rating.
  • No minimum time commitment (or penalty for changing rate or company).
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