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What is infoEnergía?

InfoEnergía is a free service for residential clients with an Endesa Energía lighting contract and less than 15KW power systems.

With this service, you receive information about your usage and the efficiency of your household appliances, as well as some personalised tips based on your profile and habits, so you can save on your bill. You will be able to see different comparisons between periods of time, and your electricity usage will be translated into concepts you can easily understand, such as how many days each type of bulb lasts or how much you can save with efficient appliances.


What is the difference between the usage data on your bill and the data provided by InfoEnergía?

You will find the same information you receive on your bill, but in a more comprehensive and detailed form. In addition, you can customise it to your liking to include the data that interests you the most.

On your bill, you will see a graph with your usage at the top; InfoEnergía's graphs allow you to also consult your usage and efficiency by calendar month.


What comparisons does InfoEnergía offer?

In the section "My usage" within the Private Customer Area you will be able to compare your usage and energy efficiency with residences that have similar characteristics, and with the average usage for your district, municipality and province, as well as your own usage compared to previous periods.


How do you access infoEnergía?

You can access infoEnergía from your Private Customer Area or through the notice of availability on your bill.

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