• What is Endesa origination?

We are a team of professionals active in the commodities markets looking to help potential customers create value by leveraging our trading expertise through custom-made solutions.

Endesa’s Origination business is part of Enel’s Global Trading area, which covers a wide variety of activities in the commodity forward markets (electricity, gas, CO2, coal and oil).

  • Whom are we targeting?

Companies exposed to risk tied to energy commodities, for an example renewable energy producers and co-generators.

  • Why Endesa?

Endesa is a leading energy company in the Spanish electricity sector and the second largest operator in the Portuguese electricity market.  Our core business is generation, distribution and sale of electricity.  In addition to this core business, we are also a major operator in the natural gas sector and provide other energy related services including risk management, a skill set that has been refined over years of exposure to the liberalizing Spanish electricity and gas markets in order to manage our energy portfolio.

  • How can I start?

Reach out to us at trading.renovables@enel.com to make an appointment.