We offer different types of products to energy producers:

1. Special regime hedging

Structured products whose variables are term, price and volume.


2. Tolling

A tolling agreement is a financial product that locks in the margin for electricity generation assets.

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3. Environmental products

National and international green certificates and CO2 rights. We provide co2 obligatory market and the voluntary market trading and carbon offset with this certificates:

· EUAs: CO2 emissions rights valid in the EU and equivalent to 1t CO2, assigned to a determined company.

· CERs: Carbon credits, from the Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM), that your business can acquire to offset CO2 emissions (when EUAs have been exceeded). This type of certificate is acquired from investments in projects related to sustainability in developing countries.

· VERs: Carbon credits, from a determined quality standard (for example: Clean Development Mechanism, Voluntary Carbon Standard, Gold Standard), that in addition to verifying carbon credits, contributes with sustainable development projects in disadvantaged countries.

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