Number of electricity customers (thousands) Data as at 31 December 2018 Reference supply customers: 5.255. Supply on the deregulated market: 5.593. Total Spain and Portugal: 10.848.

Innovative Technological Solutions

We market the products and added value services through Endesa X, the brand that includes the most innovative technological solutions to build a new open, digital and sustainable energy model.

Endesa X's offer includes three frameworks of action:

  • Development of urban infrastructures to promote energy efficiency, reduce the carbon footprint and improve air quality as well as connectivity through fibre optics.
  • Offering services to ensure the maximum savings for the customer, in addition to improved efficiency and maintenance of facilities.
  • Customer access to the electricity market through solutions that encourage their active participation, promoting the development of distributed generation, storage and vehicle-to-grid services, in addition to services that will be added based on future demand.

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