José Luis Puche Castillejo

Services and Security Iberia

Born in Bailén (Jaén), 1961. Holds a degree and Economics and Business (ICADE), and a master's in Economics from the College of Europe in Bruges (Belgium).


General Manager - Human Resources and Organisation at ENDESA (2009-2014). General Audit Manager at ENDESA (1998-2009); at the Telecinco Group he was General Assistance Manager (1997-1998) and Financial Economic Manager (1993-1996); at the UCB Group, he was the Director-Manager for Spain (1991-1993) and head of international treasury for the central headquarters in Brussels (1989-1990); at the PSA -Peugeot- Talbot-Citroen Group he was head of Treasury and supervisor of the portfolio of financial services companies (1988- 1989); at BERGÉ Y CÍA, he was the internal auditor of the central offices in Madrid (1986-1987) and Assistant to the Manager at the Office in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (1985). He worked at the Institute for Studies on Local Administration in Madrid (1988).

Current position

General Manager of Services and Security Iberia.