A total generation of 78,648 GWh The peninsular production is notable with a 118% increase of the production of  combined cycles compared to the previous  year. Production in non-peninsular territories increased by 3,2% with respect to the  2016 fiscal year. 62.164 GWh(Peninsular) 13.043 GWh(Non-peninsular territories (Npt)) 3.441 GWh(Renewables and cogeneration)  Peninsular Nuclear: 26.448 GWh Coal: 22.303 GWh Hydroelectric: 5.004 GWh Combined cycles(CCGT): 8.409 GWh
Installed capacity Classic thermal: 8.130 MW Combined cycles: 5.678 MW Hydroelectric: 4.752 MW Nuclear thermal: 3.443 MW Renewables and cogeneration: 1.675 MW Total Spain and Portugal: 23.678 MW  Electricity sales: Deregulated market: 83.594 GWh Regulated market: 12.919 GWh Total Spain and Portugal: 96.513 GWh



At Endesa, we distribute electricity in the Spanish territory to more than 21 million consumers, bringing electricity to their consumption points. There are 319,613 km of distribution and transportation grids and 117,029 GWh of distributed energy.

319.613 km of distribution and transportation girds. 117.029 GWh of distributed energy.



At Endesa,we sell power to our customers on the deregulated markets of Spain and Portugal, and to a lesser extent, in Germany, Belgium, France and Holland.

Number of electricity customers (thousands) Data as at 31 December 20127 Supply on the deregulated market: 5.593 Reference supply customers: 5.255 Total Spain and Portugal: 10.848



The total volume of gas sold in 2018 amounted to 86,729 GWh and the number of customers on the conventional natural gas market was integrated by more than 1.6 million supply points.

79,834 GWh of natural gas(Without own consumption of electricity generated) Natural gas sales un 2017 represent an increase of 2.2% with respect to 2016. Deregulated market: 46.578 GWh. International market: 24.523 GWh. Wholesale sales: 7.361 GWh. Regulated market: 1.372 GWh.   Number of gas customers (thousands) Regulated market customers: 1.314 Deregulated market customers: 246 Total: 1.560


Economic-financial data 

The net ordinary profit grew by 4% in comparison to the previous year, mainly as a result of the good management of the electricity business, the recovery of the gas business margin and the stable evolution of the regulated market.

Sales (millions of euros) Electricity sales: 14.451 Gas sales: 2.233 Regulated revenue of electricity distribution: 2.231 Other sales and service provision: 641 Total: 19.556  1.271 Social capital (millions of euros) 3.542 Gross operating profit (EBITDA) (millions of euros) 4.985 Financial debt (millions of euros) 1.463 Profits after minority interests (millions of euros)