Alberto Fernández Torres

Communication Iberia

image of Alberto Fernández Torres

Born in 1955. Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Complutense University in Madrid and Master's Degree in Literary and Theatrical Research in the European context by UNED.

Career path

He began his professional career as a journalist, contributing frequent articles for various publications on economics and cultural topics (Cinco Días, El Europeo, Cambio 16, Ediciones Zeta, etc.).

In 1981, he joined the Information and Media Department of the Electricity Industry Business Association (UNESA), currently called AELEC, where he held various positions until being named head of the Communication and International Relations Department in late 1998.

At the end of that year, he joined ENDESA's General Communications Department, where he has held, successively, positions as Assistant Head of Studies and Research, Manager of Strategy and Information, Manager of Strategy and Internal Communication, and since 2013, General Manager of Communication Iberia.

He has combined his work at the company with writing articles for various media on economic and cultural topics, participating in congresses and seminars, and, since the early 1990s, steady teaching activities.  For several years, he has been professor of communication and cultural management in two postgraduate courses at the Complutense University, and associate professor of Economic Structure at the School of Engineering of the Carlos III University of Madrid. Currently, he is professor on topics of cultural communication in postgraduate courses at the Carlos III University of Madrid and UNIR.  

Current position

General Manager of Communication Iberia.