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Endesa and startups 

Endesa and startups


Endesa is committed to innovation. It follows an open innovation approach that takes into consideration both business ideas and initiatives proposed internally, and those proposed in the innovation ecosystems where we operate. In this vein, we offer entrepreneurs (development stage or startup companies) a gateway to present their projects to Endesa: The objective is to provide the right help to technologically-sound and well-managed projects that can tackle the main challenges facing our businesses.

What are we looking for?

Initiatives and projects that meet the challenges facing the energy sector. Specifically, those facing the business of Endesa and other Enel Group companies, primarily in:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Small-scale renewable energy
  • Smart grids
  • Energy storage
  • Automation solutions
  • Low carbon emission technologies
  • Communication and digitalisation systems (ICT)
  • e-Mobility
  • CRM

Submit your project

To present an initiative, fill out the form and provide a description of the project (max. 2,244 characters) at:

We promise to evaluate all proposals. Our Innovation team and experts will assess the information presented and its suitability with respect to Endesa’s challenges.