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Sustainability Plan 

As Pontes

We are an international energy company, focussed on the electricity business, with a growing presence in the gas sector, and we supply other related services.

Our aim is to supply our clients with high-quality services in a responsible and efficient way, making a profit for our shareholders, building up the professional training of our employees, participating in the development of the social environments in which we operate, and using the natural resources we need for our activity in a sustainable way.

We are aware that it is essential for us to perform our responsibilities in economic, social, and environmental matters, on the basis of sustainability criteria, in a balanced way if we are to maintain our current leading position and to reinforce it going forward.

Our commitments to sustainable development constitute a guide and the basis for our conduct in this area.

Meeting these commitments is expressly promoted by the Company Management and concerns each and every one of us who work for the Company or on its behalf, and as such they are passed on to our contractors and suppliers, and are open to third-party appraisal. These commitments are fully integrated into our day-to-day work and are subject to permanent review and improvement by the Endesa Management and all of us who participate in their application.

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