Chile contributes 22.6% to Endesa’s total EBITDA in Latin America. 2,507 people are employed by the group’s companies in the country.

Endesa operates in the Chilean market through the Enersis Group, in which it holds a controlling stake of 60.62%.

Through this holding in Enersis, Endesa controls Endesa Chile, the main generator in Chile, which owns 5,961 MW of capacity either directly or through its investees. Enersis holds a 59.98% stake in Endesa Chile.

In turn, Endesa Chile holds stakes in other Chilean generation companies such as Celta, Pehuenche and the Canela wind farm, and owns 50% of Gas Atacama, with 781 MW of thermal energy capacity. Endesa Chile exercises control over this company alongside another shareholder.

Also through Enersis, Endesa holds a 99.09% controlling interest in the distribution company Chilectra which has 1.7 million customers. Enersis also has significant holdings in companies conducting other activities in Chile and elsewhere in Latin America.

Enersis and Endesa Chile are listed on the Santiago de Chile, New York and Madrid stock exchanges, while Chilectra and Pehuenche are only listed on the Santiago stock exchange.

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