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Endesa and basketball 

Endesa is the top promoter of Spanish basketball both nationally and abroad. The company not only sponsors the Spanish professional basketball league, the Endesa League, but also the Spanish national basketball teams (men's, women's and other categories).

Endesa is committed with basketball because we are fully identified with the values it represents: teamwork, intelligence, connection with people, fair play and a commitment to overcoming difficulties.

Thanks to this agreement, Endesa is now widely recognised as one of the leading players in sports sponsorship in Spain.

Basket Lover

Endesa's Basket Lover initiative aims to support basketball and nurture the values it teaches, as well as show its commitment to fans of this sport who tap into this game’s energy needed to overcome hurdles and make anything possible.

These are the two main initiatives that Endesa promotes to meet this commitment:

Basket Lover competition

basket lover competition

This initiative invites all basketball fans to send in written accounts of their relationship with the sport to www.basketlover.es along with the name of the project the prize money will go to.

A specialist jury will choose the top eight accounts which best embody the Basket Lover spirit. The winners will get the chance to shoot a video to raise awareness for their project. Videos will be uploaded to www.basketlover.es and users can vote for the story they most identify with to choose the winner.

> Press release: Endesa holds 2nd edition of Basket Lover competition, with EUR 6,000 in prize money

“Basket Lover Schools” Competition

basket lover schools competition

The Spanish Basketball Federation and Endesa organize this competition aimed at 8 to 12 year olds who are passionate about basketball. Encouraging team work, the schools and participating pupils can choose to send in individual or group drawings, which will help promote healthy habits, sport, innovative and recreational

The responsables of each school may enroll in the competition website to participate: www.colegiosbasketlover.com

Press release: Endesa and FEB announce 2nd edition of “Basket Lover 2015 Schools” Competition 

Presentation of the Endesa League 2014-15 season

Stars from all 18 teams walked down the runway in the atrium at Endesa's headquarters in Madrid for the opening curtain of the 2014-2015 season, which promises to be an eventual one.

Endesa League presentation

The Chairman of Endesa, Borja Prado, and the Executive General Manager of the Spanish Basketball Association (ACB), Francisco Roca, with the players.

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Basketball World Cup 2014

Endesa, as official sponsor of the Spanish Basketball Federation and the Basketball World Cup 2014 drove different actions to accompany the Spanish team throughout the competition and encourage the fans to participate in this celebration of basketball.

The presentation of the Spanish National Basketball Team turns the headquarters of Endesa in Madrid once more into "the home of the Spanish basketball," as the Chairman of Endesa, Borja Prado, said. The team was welcomed by 300 children who participated in a spectacular ceremony full of magic and surprises.

presentation of the national basketball team.

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> Press release: The Spanish national basketball team unveiled amid lights and magic  

Solidarity Day

Endesa, through its sponsorship of the Basketball League and as part of its commitment to corporate social responsibility, has developed an action plan aimed at encouraging solidarity through sport. In 2012, in keeping with this commitment, the company launched its “Solidarity Day” initiative in tandem with the Spanish Basketball Association (ACB), under which a Spanish basketball league match day is selected on which a specific social project is promoted.

The first Solidarity Day supported the efforts of UNICEF to overcome child malnutrition while in 2013 the beneficiary was the Red Cross and its campaign to collect food for the most needy. Each Solidarity Day raised over 40,000 euros.

Presentation of the Endesa League 2013-14 season

Presentation Endesa League

Presentation of the Endesa League 2013-14 season

The chairman of Endesa, Borja Prado, and the honorary chairman of the Spanish Basketball Club Association (ACB), Eduardo Portela, ushered in the 2013-14 basketball season with the stars of the Endesa League taking centre stage at the Polideportivo Antonio Magariños sports centre.

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Eurobasket 2013

Endesa, as the main sponsor of Spanish basketball both in Spain and internationally, launched a campaign to support the Spanish team in the Eurobasket 2013, where they eventually won the bronze medal.

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Presentation of the Endesa League 2012-13 season

The stars of the 18 teams fired the starting shot for the 2012-2013 season of the Endesa League with the official Slam Dunk Contest and Three-Point Shootout, at an event held at Endesa's head offices. The event, hosted by Juanma López Iturriaga, got the ball rolling with a brilliant performance from the Dream Cheers.

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Endesa League presentation 2012-2013

Presentation of the Endesa League 2011-2012 season

The Endesa League raised the curtain with a high-powered presentation attended by professional basketball stars. The exhibition basketball match involved eighteen players (one from each club), four coaches and three professional referees and was held on a real size court set up in the atrium of the Endesa building. The percussion group, Toom Pak (who performed at the celebrations for Spain’s victory in the South African World Cup in 2010) also took part in the presentation event hosted by Juan Manuel López Iturriaga, alongside dance troupe “Dream Cheers” and acrobatic group “Crazy Dunkers”. 

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Endesa League presentation 2011-2012

Endesa Chairman, Borja Prado (centre of the first row) with the team of 18 players from different Endesa League teams, members of the company's basketball team and official coaches at the presentation of the 2011-2012 Endesa League at Endesa's headquarters in Madrid.

Endesa and the ACB: a historic alliance in Spanish basketball

Borja Prado and Francisco Roca

Endesa and the Spanish Basketball Association (ACB) signed an agreement whereby the company becomes the sponsor of all officially organised ACB competitions from the start of the 2011-2012 season.

Three years later, on July 2014, the Chairman of Endesa, Borja Prado, and the President of the ACB, Francisco Roca, agreed to extend this project, which is the most important business agreement in the history of Spanish and European basketball. Endesa will provide its backing for a further two seasons (until the end of the 2016-17 season).

As a result of this strategic alliance, Endesa is the first commercial brand to give its name to the ACB competition, in the almost thirty year history of the Spanish Basketball Association. The ACB League will now be known as the Endesa League, just as the first game of the season, the Super Cup, will now be known as the Endesa Super Cup.

Greetings from Borja Prado and Eduardo Portela (former President of the ACB) on the occasion of the signing of the agreement on July 2011:

Chairman of Endesa - Borja Prado

President of the ACB - Eduardo Portela